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Harmonisation of nostalgy, enjoy and innovation...


Nostalgic İstanbul Tramway, which is the new product of Tirtilsan’s strong R&D department, knowledge and experience. This electrical and zero emission vehicle is made with high technology and it serve to use in shopping malls, parks, zoos, holiday villages, open and close areas.
60 Km range
Replaceable battery
Inside and outside lighting system
0,8 m3 trunk and 0,4 m3 glove box capacity
Stabilizing with handbrake
According to gear position, rear and forward camera system.
Fm radio and usb assisted multimedia system
Trip computer which shows velocity, battery and gear position simultoneously dash board
3 different driving mode mod1: 6Km/s velocity – mod2: 12Km/s velocity – mod3: 20Km/s velocity
Specialities of low base and ergonomic get on and get off
6 KW engine power
Panasonic lithium-ion battery cells
8 KWh battery capacity
8 hour charjing which have E certificate
7-9-11 seating capacity options